Our Mission and Purpose

Sooner Paranormal of Oklahoma® is a paranormal research group based in NE Oklahoma. Our purpose is to aid the living and to honor the dead by providing serious scientific investigative procedures to those persons who believe they have paranormal activity at their home or business at NO CHARGE. This FREE SERVICE is available to YOU if you believe you have a ghost, poltergeist, or any unexplained paranormal activity.



The world of the unexplained is an area where science and technology are just now being used effectively to provide the evidence that may finally solve the mysteries that have surrounded these phenomena for centuries.  Ghost hunting and parapsychology are providing new facts that even the skeptics must consider.  Photos, audio, video and ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) are the tools we use to turn simple stories into scientific news.


What we do

Ghosts, hauntings, UFOs, unidentified creatures, all paranormal events are investigated.  If you feel you would benefit from a thorough investigation of unusual sightings or events, contact us.

All correspondence and subsequent investigations are handled with strict confidentiality. Helping people is what we're all about.



No photo's are altered beyond some lightening for ease of viewing. All EVP's are real either captured on digital recorders or on audio from video cameras. All DVR footage is genuine and is NEVER altered or retouched. This is the real deal. For those who doubt or remain skeptical of our methods or evidence, feel free to believe as you choose. I invite any reputable scientist in the state of Oklahoma to actually JOIN us on an investigation, sit in on our analysis process, and I will post your findings right here on this site.


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A list of our previous investigations.  Please see the "Investigations" page for more details on individual investigations.  Not all investigations can be listed due to confidentiality issues. To date ( July of 2012) we have done 124 full investigations.


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